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The Next Phase of GENERATION 3

Earlier this year we launched the first phase of our 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Workstation product range to great success. Now, we're launching our next phase of products, focusing on the Intel® Xeon® W-3400 Series. Read on for an overview of the milestones we've hit this year and what's still to come.

James Lupton

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The “Sapphire Rapids” workstation range of CPUs from Intel are a direct replacement for the X299/Cascade Lake CPUs used in our current GEN 2 platform, and we are advising customers to upgrade to our latest generation for significant performance gains. Many of our clients are already benefiting from the platform's new architecture coupled with the first-ever DDR5 ECC platform. Throughout the year we have a range of SKU types releasing to fit various customer niches.


Learn More About G3 SPR-M

The SPR-M platform encompasses all our systems utilizing the Intel® Xeon® 2400 series CPUs, primarily focused on the 24 Core Intel® Xeon® w7-2495X.  We see this as our flagship platform for electronic trading clients. The system features:

  • Mid-level core count - 24C vs. previous gen 18C
  • High clock speed – 4.8GHz all-core SSE
  • Incredible IPC gains - Up to 1.8x vs. X299 platform
  • DDR5 ECC RDIMM – First enterprise DDR5 platform
  • Overclockable DDR5 RDIMM – Tuned for the lowest latency, whilst maintaining ECC
  • PCIe Gen5 & CXL Support

This system supersedes our current GEN 2 Cascade Lake system, and we advise customers to upgrade to our latest generation to take advantage of the new system architecture and performance features. We are extracting a tonne of performance from this system and many customers are already excited by the results they’re seeing.


Introducing the NEW G3 SPR-X

Next to launch is our SPR-X platform, which focuses on the monster 56 Core Intel® Xeon® w9-3495X. This range has all the same features of the SPR-M platform, with the addition of:

  • Increased core count – Up to 56 cores
  • Increased PCIe lanes – For additional cards
  • Increased memory channels - Increased capacity 

The initial products in this range are shipping now and offer an all-core locked turbo speed of up to 3.8GHz in 2U, and 4.2GHz in 3U. Later in the year, we will be launching a supercharged 2U version of this system featuring a new 2000W PSU, with more details to come shortly.

We expect these systems to deliver unrivaled performance for various analytical and backend financial applications, thanks to the significant density of highly clocked cores on a single numa, in a single system. Something you won’t find with traditional Xeon-based systems.


Management Capabilities

For our Sapphire Rapids ranges we also focused heavily on making deployment and management easier than ever. Alongside fully functional IPMI and robust redfish implementation, we’ve also now added the following capabilities:

  • Load/Save OC profiles remotely via IPMI and Linux
  • Flash BIOS and IPMI firmware remotely via Linux
  • Fully licensed AMISCE utility for the in-field comparison and updating of NVRAM properties.

These features are available on all SPR platforms, as well as our Raptor Lake (RPL) platform.


Overclockable ECC RAM

We have also just launched our brand new, completely custom overclocked DDR5 RDIMM + UDIMM range, exclusively tuned for Blackcore systems. Learn more here.


If you want to discuss these options and get more information on a particular SKU, please contact us or your account manager. 

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James Lupton

- 2 min read

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