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Blackcore  – The first 8 years…

July 2015

The very beginning…

Blackcore was founded in 2015 by CEO Nick Rogers. At the time we were working with one of the world's leading financial companies on a different project, then one day they asked us if we could build them an overclocked server. The team began designing the new systems and named them Blackcore overclocked servers.

The very beginning… image

Launching a new brand was new and exciting for Exacta Technologies. It felt like a new beginning; we were excited to start our journey into the world of financial technology.

December 2015

The GEN 1 Platform

We spent months designing and building prototypes with the help of our partners. The rigorous testing process helped us determine the best system setup. Here the GEN 1 range was born. The first system shipped in December 2015, over the next year we were building more and more 2U GEN 1 systems and shipping them all over the world. By 2018 our systems were deployed in the top 25 data centers across the world.

The GEN 1 Platform image

After months of research, development and testing, we shipped our first system.

September 2019

The Launch of Generation 2

Here at Blackcore we continually evolve our systems to make sure that both our performance and our reliability stayed ahead of the market. The GEN 1 range taught us a lot, but we believed we could push the boundaries of what was possible. Therefore, we spent four years developing a new system architecture with components of the highest quality, we also engineered a new liquid cooling system. We discovered that we could not only build systems with faster clock speed and higher performance but with our unique cooling practices, we could manage temperatures more effectively and produce system reliability beyond anything we could have ever imagined. Introducing Blackcore GEN 2.

The Launch of Generation 2 image

It took us 4 years to create GEN 2, this platform truly changed everything.

March 2020

Our New HQ

In March 2020 we moved our business to a state-of-the-art production facility in Bristol, UK. The move transformed the Exacta Technologies Group, as we now operate out of a building that has been purpose built for us and our range of systems. In 2020 our team increased by 90%, including new roles in production, support, sales & marketing.

Our New HQ image

Our new production facility is a testament to our hard work and has prepared us for our next phase of growth.

September 2020

Team Blackcore US

By September 2020 enquiries from the US had reached an all-time high and we were approached by a leading US Channel Manager who loved our systems and wanted to learn more. It was an ideal match, now Ciaran Kennedy manages Blackcore in the US, which greatly benefits our US-based customers.

Team Blackcore US image

As our UK team grew, we knew the next step was to grow our presence across the pond.

January 2021

Blackcore Resellers

As our popularity continued to grow across the globe, it was clear we needed to work with reseller partners to help us accommodate customers in India, China and Australia. SP Sysnet represents us in India, V-City deploys our systems in China and MEtech represents us in Australia.

Blackcore Resellers image

These relationships have allowed us to reach new customers all over the world!

June 2022

GEN 3 Launches in NYC

On the twenty-third of June, we launched Blackcore's GENERATION 3 range of overclocked servers in New York City's Financial District. Our new range is powered by Intel's unrivaled CPUs and features extensive solutions for FPGA cards. GENERATION 3 provides a new platform of continuous improvement, we’re looking ahead to support the next 2 years of technology coming from Intel to ensure our systems and our clients remain at the highest level of server performance.

GEN 3 Launches in NYC image

From day 1 of engineering GENERATION 3, we knew that this launch had to be big. Launching in New York was a dream, that very quickly became a reality.

February 2023

GEN 3 Launches in London

On the 23rd of February, we launched the second phase of our GENERATION 3 range of Overclocked Servers in central London. This launch included the G3 Raptor Lake system & G3 Sapphire Rapids systems, which we had at the event for our guests to see up close.

GEN 3 Launches in London image

The night was a great success, we really appreciated being face-to-face with our customers, partners, and vendors.

June 2023

Summer Social Event in NY

On the 8th of June, we hosted our first Summer Social Event with Intel, at the Daintree Rooftop & Lounge in Midtown Manhattan. The event included a very brief presentation from our CTO James Lupton, our CRO Ciaran Kennedy, and Raj Sugathan from Intel. We wanted to update our guests on our current GENERATION 3 platform, the roadmap for the rest of 2023, and our expansion in the US. After the presentation, we enjoyed an evening of live music, great beverages, and food.

Summer Social Event in NY image

A great night in Midtown NY with our clients & partners.

July 2023

Launched Blackcore OC DDR5 RDIMM

In July we launched our Latency Tuned Overclocked DDR5 ECC RDIMM + UDIMM for our GEN 3 Sapphire Rapids platform. We worked with a new memory partner and spent a year collaboratively creating a range of DDR5 SKUs that would elevate our Blackcore systems.

Launched Blackcore OC DDR5 RDIMM image

November 2023

We exhibited at STAC in London

In November we traveled to London to be part of the Fall STAC Summit. Our CTO James Lupton and our CRO Ciaran Kennedy represented Blackcore at our table and James gave a speech during the Innovation Round-up session. It was a great day, we met interesting new people, caught up with existing clients, and showed off our stunning GENERATION 3 overclocked server to everyone who glanced towards our table.

We exhibited at STAC in London image

2024 and beyond...

Where we are now…

2023 was a monumental year for Blackcore. We have a lot of exciting plans for 2024, which we look forward to sharing with you. As we enter 2024, Blackcore continues to spearhead the market with unrivaled overclocking and cooling technology, unbeatable reliability, and excellent support services.

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