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High-performance, reliable, overclocked servers - tailored for the most demanding trading platforms.


why choose Blackcore Servers

Blackcore designs high-speed reliable servers built to address the diverse and demanding needs of the financial trading industry. We continuously innovate, build, validate, and deliver reliable production-ready solutions with leading-edge technologies backed up by the suite of services expected by electronic trading institutions.

With solutions that scale up and scale out, we have a range of products to suit your workloads and algorithmic requirements. From super-fast low core count to insane high core count at super-low temperatures, we have the systems to excel your trading strategy, giving you an edge over your competitors.



High performance
and low latency.

Cutting edge, expertly overclocked and super cooled. Defined by ultra-low latency.

Proven in the
Fintech industry.

Deployed in all major co-location data centers, trillions of successful transactions have been powered by Blackcore.

High spec
build quality.

Specifically selected high-end components and custom designed chassis and cooling, hand built in the UK.

The Blackcore Range

At Blackcore we harness leading-edge technology to push overclocking to the limit, while delivering unrivaled reliability to our clients.

Overclocked Servers image


Overclocked Servers

Introducing our GENERATION 3 range of High Performance Servers. Overclocked, custom-built, and vigorously tested to deliver the highest possible performance.

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custom built for ELECTRONIC TRADING

The electronic trading world has unique demands. With the ever-increasing desire for lower latency typically comes a reduction in capability or reliability. Blackcore addresses the computing needs of high-frequency trading, brokers, market makers, exchanges and proprietary trading firms by providing not just the fastest available technology in the market but also the most reliable.

From the trading desktop to exchange-facing algorithmic servers, the ethos of Blackcore is to provide servers that are capable of building the next generation of trading systems. Whether you are focusing on black-box algorithmic trading, data capture & analysis, trade matching, market data processing or back-office analytics – Blackcore has a solution for you.

Blackcore Servers are deployed in over 28 Data Centers Worldwide

Our servers are trusted by some of the biggest trading firms and as a result now are deployed in 28 co-location data centers, with an estimated trillion transactions traded through Blackcore servers daily.

London, England
Slough, England
Basildon, England

Frankfurt, Germany

Upplands Vasby, Sweden

Madrid, Spain

Settimo Milanese, Italy

Istanbul, Turkey

Aurora, Illinois USA

Carteret, New Jersey USA
Secaucus, New Jersey USA
Mahwah, New Jersey USA

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tokyo, Japan

Busan, Korea

Bangkok, Thailand

Hong Kong


Artamon, Australia
Sydney, Australia

Moscow, Russia



Montreal, Qubec, Canada

Zurich, Switzerland

Paris, France

Mumbai, India

Johannesburg, South Africa

Trusted by the best

Our systems utilize the best components from the leading technology companies in the industry.

AMD Xilinx
Dell Technology

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