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Toolset Series 1 - IPMI Features

In today’s edition of the Toolset Series, we introduce you to our IPMI feature set, read on to learn more.

James Lupton

- 2 min read

Welcome to The Blackcore Toolset Series. Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to a variety of exceptional tools. Our focus today shines on our IPMI Feature Set. In this article, Blackcore’s Chief Technology Officer, James Lupton will guide you through the intricacies of this feature set and offer valuable perspectives on how to maximize the utility of these tools.

Firstly What is IPMI?

A very good question, IPMI stands for Intelligent Platform Management Interface.

Ultimately this refers to a set of standardized specifications for users to centrally manage hardware such as servers. IPMI is only possible because of the BMC, which stands for baseboard management controller.

What is IPMI used for?

The IPMI toolset will allow clients to control servers remotely, here are some of the capabilities:

  • Remote Power Control – The ability to turn the system on and off.
  • Remote KVM - KVM stands for keyboard, video, and mouse, this allows users to remotely view the ‘screen’/ video output from the server and control it with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Remote Media – This allows the user to load a virtual CDROM or USB remotely.
  • Remote Sensor Detection - Clients can monitor various sensors like CPU temperature or power usage to understand the health of the system.

Blackcore’s IPMI Toolset

Here at Blackcore, we listen to our clients, their valuable feedback allows us to understand their requirements. Blackcore now ships every system with IPMI installed and all future ranges will include this feature set as standard. The ability to use these tools remotely ensures deployment is a much simpler process, one we can also assist with if required by the client. We are proud to be providing our clients with these tools and are happy to guide them through the process.

How is IPMI accessed?

Common methods of accessing the IPMI include the web interface and command line interface. To access the Web Interface an IP address must be assigned in the BIOS of the server system, this can be done via DHCP or statically assigned. Any modern internet browser can then connect to this IP to access the web UI.

Commands can also be sent to the IPMI via software tools, via both a local or remote OS. The most commonly used method is the package ‘ipmitool’ within the Linux ecosystem.


How can I access these tools?

The Blackcore Knowledge Base has lots of helpful information and team Blackcore are frequently adding new resources. 

Please see:


If you would like to learn more about your options as a client, please email your account manager. If you are new to Blackcore and would like to learn more, you can email [email protected] or book a call with our CRO Ciaran Kennedy here.

James Lupton

- 2 min read

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