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Prevention is better than cure - Our Two-Year Performance Guarantee

Learn about the ethos in our systems & see how we back it up with our Two-Year Performance Guarantee & our NEW Blackcore RE-GEN Service.

Blackcore Technologies

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At Blackcore we understand the world of Financial Trading and the importance of speed and reliability. We aim to give our clients the ultimate edge over their competitors, ensuring Blackcore users are always winners. In this industry you need both speed and reliability to survive, one without the other is essentially useless. Blackcore always delivers ultra-performance and unrivaled system stability.

Our servers are designed from the ground up to deliver sustained high performance. Our unique cooling technology ensures better temperature control that in turn delivers not just faster speeds but also greater stability across the platform.

We soak test every Blackcore server to ensure that it is fully ready to go into action and perform at an exceptional work rate day in day out, for two years. We believe in our systems and offer a full 2-year box swap warranty as standard. If one of our units suffers an irreparable hardware failure in that time, we will withdraw the unit from service and replace it at our cost. For those units at the end of their two-year term of service – we have a new service available...

Introducing the Blackcore RE-GEN Service

This year we introduced a new service, The RE-GEN Service. Which has been designed to speed up the process of replacing older systems. When your Blackcore units are reaching the end of their two-year Performance Guarantee your account manager will notify you and send you an upgrade coupon to be redeemed against the purchase of a new generation Blackcore System. This service ensures that our client's systems will be replaced seamlessly and at a discounted price.

Finally, after having honorably completed its two-year tour of non-stop active duty we can then arrange for your retiring system/s to be collected and recycled. 

Relentless performance; unrivaled reliability; and built-in succession planning. That is the Blackcore edge.

Please email your account manager for more info regarding your Two-Year Box Swap Warranty & the NEW RE-GEN Service.

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Blackcore Technologies

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