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Introducing Blackcore Labs

This program will combine the skillsets of team Blackcore and our Partners - together we will innovate to deliver the best solutions for our electronic trading clients.

Blackcore Technologies

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We are pleased to announce the new Blackcore Labs Program. This program will combine the skillsets of team Blackcore and our partners; together we will innovate to deliver the best solutions for our electronic trading clients. Blackcore Labs focuses on highlighting the potential of Blackcore servers when combined with partner technologies.

What is Blackcore Labs?

The world of electronic trading is vast, every client that Blackcore engages with has very different requirements. At Blackcore Labs, we test various technology stacks for a variety of requirements, and we work with software and hardware vendors to extract the most value for end users from our machines. Blackcore’s core principle is to use only the highest-quality components in our overclocked servers. Premium components make a significant improvement to the overall performance and longevity of a system.  

As an extension of our desire to build the best solutions for electronic trading, we will be partnering with select hardware and software vendors that provide complementary solutions to the Blackcore ecosystem. The goal is to publish a clear set of partner technology and their performance on Blackcore overclocked systems. This allows clients to easily understand which partners are validated in Blackcore systems, and the expected level of performance.   

We have recently published our first report with Xelera which you can read here.


Who can get involved with this program?

This program is specifically for hardware and software vendor solutions designed for users within the electronic trading industry and compatible with Blackcore servers. The program is open to both established and new partners, please contact our team to fond out more.


What are the benefits for Blackcore Labs partners?

Blackcore Labs partners will receive certified status for each product after the successful completion of the testing process. Once you are a certified partner, you will receive a Blackcore Labs Certified Logo to use on your website and marketing. 

As a certified Blackcore Labs partner, you will be able to demonstrate your technology stack on the best hardware in the market for electronic trading.

We believe this collaboration will benefit clients of both partner technologies and our Blackcore overclocked servers. This program will enhance client experience and contribute to the continued success of the Blackcore ecosystem.


What are the benefits for Blackcore clients?

The Blackcore Labs program takes the guesswork out of hardware and software deployments. Blackcore is verifying the top industry solutions, so clients don’t have to. This is yet another commitment from Blackcore to build the best, most reliable solutions for electronic trading.  Clients can easily see what partner technologies have been Blackcore validated, this will also be Blackcore product-specific. Clients can be sure that integration testing and benchmarking have already been completed – reducing the risk of deployment issues and decreasing time to production.


Learn More

If the above sounds interesting to you, please contact Shiten Patel who can tell you more about the program and guide you through every step of the process.  

To set up a call with Shiten, please email: [email protected] alternatively you can book a meeting here.

Blackcore Technologies

- 2 min read

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