Meet the CEO, Nick Rogers.

In this relaxed interview with CEO & Founder Nick Rogers, he tells us about the early days and his goals for Blackcore. Nick also offers an insight into what it was like creating a business like Blackcore.

Blackcore Technologies

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Where did the journey begin?

In 2015 we got an enquiry from a finance company in London, they were after an overclocked server, I honestly thought they were crackers! Why would you want to put liquid inside a server?

That’s when our journey into overclocking began… I was then fortunate enough to meet Mark Lawrence who had just left Intel. We decided to go into business together and create the first Blackcore Overclocked Server. We spent months developing this new system, and once we were done, so we took this Frankenstein’s monster-looking system to London. There we showed it to the customer, and they loved it?! And that is how Blackcore came to be!


How did you scale and grow Blackcore?

In the early days of Blackcore, our main issue was reliability. We needed to turn this around ASAP and work on creating a strong brand within the Fintech space. After four years of determination and innovation, we were ready to launch GEN 2. This range was it. It was reliable, fast & expertly liquid-cooled. When I look back on the last 8 years, I can see how hard the team worked to get Blackcore to where it is today, and I think that journey differentiates us from the rest and has taught us a lot!

Today in 2023, I do believe Blackcore Overclocked Servers are the fastest and the most reliable on the planet. We have faced big challenges over the last 8 years, but we have overcome them one step at a time and we will continue to strive forwards and innovate our incredible range of systems.


What was it like launching GEN 3 in NYC?

GEN 3 has been a very exciting part of the Blackcore journey. Launching on Wall Street in New York was a very special moment and felt like a big step forward for Blackcore. Over the last 8 years, we have gained great customers, achieved a fantastic global reach, and deployed systems into data centers worldwide, all of this shows just how far we’ve come. At that event, we had some of New York’s biggest banks and trading firms in attendance. It was just simply amazing, hopefully, it is the start of many events in the US.


Tell us about the moment Blackcore became industry-leading.

Our reputation now is so much stronger than it was 7 years ago. With each generation of systems, we have become a stronger and larger part of the Fintech industry. What makes us different from our competitors is how we work with our customers, how we deliver systems, and how we support them. Here at Blackcore we are constantly evolving and innovating to ensure we stay ahead of the rest, delivering the highest levels of performance to our customers. We truly care for our customers and work to build strong long-lasting relationships. That is what makes us stand out from the crowd and that combined with our incredible system architecture and cooling is what makes our systems industry-leading.


What is in store for the future of Blackcore?

The future of Blackcore is to become number one in the world.

That’s our future.

Our goal is to continue to deliver innovative overclocked systems while also becoming a go-to enterprise-style business.  We’ve got this array of specialized Blackcore products as well as the ability to sell Dell, HP & Cisco Systems. We’re going to become the go-to supplier as opposed to a one-stop shop. Out of the Exacta Technologies group, Blackcore is definitely going to be the piece that gives us that big boost of growth. Where we are now with a facility in the US, a growing list of customers and resellers, and a growing team. We are in a great place to take the next step forward, the future is bright, and I am very excited about it!

Blackcore Technologies

- 2 min read

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