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Do I need to be an expert in overclocking and tweak settings to get the full benefit of Blackcore servers?

Absolutely not. Here at Blackcore, we will work to configure a system best suited to your requirements and software. We test every system rigorously before they are dispatched, during this process we use the settings to squeeze every ounce of performance out of each system. All overclocking is done at HQ by trained Blackcore professionals, we can tweak settings remotely if it is required.

Is the liquid inside the systems water?

No, the cooling liquid is not water, the liquid is a biodegradable, non-conductive and data center safe cooling solution.

Can the system leak? What happens then?

If in the extremely rare occasion that a system leaked (i.e., due to mishandling), the liquid is nonconductive and would sit inside the server. The system would alert that there was a critical issue, and the system would be removed from the data center and sent to us at HQ to analyze. We would then work to understand how and why this happened and make steps to ensure this never happens again.

How will this fit in with my monitoring suite?

Our systems all have industry standard IPMI implementations, allowing you to probe pump speeds and keep track of temperatures. This can be configured with SNMP alerts or tracked with redfish via common tools like Prometheus.

How can I choose what system is best for my workload?

We have a range of overclocked servers all of which with a different processor and core count, these systems are best suited to different types of workloads. Our technical team have been trained to identify the requirements of multiple financial workloads, please contact us and we will direct you to the system best suited. In some cases, bespoke systems are created for exclusive clients to best suit their workload.

What tests do you perform on systems before shipping?

After every Blackcore server has been built it is sent out to our test and configuration department. The skilled team begin the rigorous Blackcore testing process. We use heavy synthetic test suites like Prime95 and OCCT for the majority of our testing. If you have a custom test, you’d like us to run, we can facilitate that also. Each system is stress tested for a minimum of 16 hours and must hit our temperature, voltage, and power requirements.

What is the advantage of using liquid cooling with dual socket Xeon systems if the CPU cannot be overclocked?

Our dual socket systems are all about sustainable, predictable, consistent high speeds. Traditional air-cooled systems will regularly throttle based on power, temperature, and other conditions. Our systems optimize these parameters to ensure the CPU is always kept within its max turbo window. This means no jitter, and consistent latency and performance. Our liquid cooling is a key component of this puzzle.

If you have any further questions for the team, you can reach out to us on LinkedIn or email us at [email protected] 

Blackcore Technologies

- 2 min read

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