DIY Overclocked Servers

We all know what overclocking can achieve, but just how do you get there and is it possible to do it yourself? Let’s give it a go, in 400 words time you could be all set and an expert in overclocking.

Nick Rogers

- 2 min read

Firstly, you will need somewhere comfortable to work, with some benches, let’s say 20 benches to ensure you have plenty of space! The floor needs to be clean enough for you to eat off, you’ll also need to stabilize the power supplies, have a top of the range air conditioning system – which has filters to exclude airborne contaminants! Oh, and don’t forget to have completely even flat lighting.

Now you need to check that each and every component has been properly screened, this will ensure they can withstand the high levels of performance. You could call in some friends to help as this process will take time. Here at Blackcore we have a team of just over 20 people focused on this!

Next you will need to store all your components, you will require a decent amount of racking for this. As you will need to order upwards of 200 processors, motherboards, connectors, memory, storage and of course the chassis’. Around 20,000 square ft would suffice – bear in mind this space does need to be extremely clean, dry, and warm.

Now onto the build! Simply take your chassis and begin to add your components. Now that’s set you’ll need to add in the processor. If you break any pins – start again! Now onto cooling, you need to figure out how to cool the system down. Now add the lid, right it doesn’t fit… Never mind you can just design a custom chassis and cooling system from the ground up!

Welcome back to the guide, 6 - 12 months later…

Everything is set, lets press that ‘on’ button. If you heard a loud bang and the unit starts to smell, discard the unit, and start again. Right the system is running. What do the numbers say? Not the speeds you were expecting right? But you followed the steps…? Right run the test again if possible…

Let’s try something completely different, firstly decide what you want… to focus on your core business and make money or manufacture overclocked servers. Ok money, next head to & get in touch with the team of experts and say, "I require an ultra-high performance overclocked server for trading”, now that’s taken care of. Put that ad on eBay for everything you bought including that ‘barely used’ soldering iron!

Finally, you can relax, leave it to us and await delivery of your new custom built, unrivaled, overclocked server and prepare to be ahead of your competitors. Every system comes with a two-year box swap warranty, so not only can you relax today – you can be confident that you won’t be tinkering with a custom system for the foreseeable future.

So, to put it simply NO it is not possible to achieve anywhere near the performance of a Blackcore unit by doing it yourself. Best to leave overclocking to the experts.


Nick Rogers

- 2 min read

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