An interview with our Chief Technologist, James Lupton.

In this interview with James Lupton, we learn about the early days, our journey to where we are today & the future of Blackcore.

Blackcore Technologies

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Blackcore's journey began in 2015, a small team at Exacta Technologies gathered to create an overclocked server for a client in the finance industry. James was part of that team and over the last 5 years has played a vital role in the creation, design, system architecture and growth of Blackcore.

When you and the team started Blackcore 5 years ago did you ever imagine that Blackcore would be where it is today?

The very first test system was essentially a gaming PC that I got to flex my overclocking knowledge on, which in the end proved successful and gave the company some confidence to move forward with the idea. Things went a bit quiet for a while as Nick (CEO) got everything together to create the new brand and begin work on the bespoke chassis and technology alongside some of the founding members of the Blackcore team. Then, things started to get very exciting, very fast! Now, we are dealing with some of the highest-profile clients in the world and facilitating a huge number of trades in data centers around the world. I think we are all very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve, but more excited about what else is to come over the next 5 years.


Tell us about your role as Chief Technologist.

I lead our technology efforts, ensuring Blackcore is creating and building the fastest and latest servers on the market for the financial industry. Evolving our existing product ranges and creating new ones to meet the desires of our customers, delivering the products that they need to operate at the top in their marketplace. We have been first to market with many overclocked solutions and are often the first to bring brand new technology to our clients thanks to deep partnerships with companies like Intel and AMD.


What do you enjoy most about your work at Blackcore?

Working for Exacta is great for many reasons, but one of the big ones for me is that I get to work with the latest and greatest technology across many different product ranges from top-tier technology creators such as Intel, AMD, Gigabyte, Asus, etc. Like many of us in the tech industry, this stuff has fascinated me since I was very young. Blackcore takes that a few steps further, as I get to take that technology and push it to its limits!


 How do you see Blackcore evolving in the ever-changing, innovative world of Financial Technology?

I think everyone at Blackcore feels the same way, we have come a long way. We have matured the brand and its products significantly in the last 5 years and with that built up a lot of respect from our clients, partners, and the industry - however, I think we are only just beginning to show what we can do. We are now planning much larger product rollouts across a wider range of technology. Having recently launched our initial workstation and enterprise server ranges, we have had some great feedback and we are looking forward to growing these product sets. We also have some exciting stuff in the pipeline for our overclocked ranges, and a lot of great things planned for later this year.


2021 has shown new challenges for Blackcore, with worldwide technology supply constraints, but thanks to our team we were able to future-proof ourselves and secure stock. Every challenge thrown at Blackcore we have overcome and that comes down to our dedicated Team Blackcore. Their incredible attitude, knowledge of the systems and dedication is what makes Blackcore what it is. Disruptive, cutting edge, fast technology designed by experts & built by specialized Blackcore engineers.


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Blackcore Technologies

- 2 min read

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