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2021 at Blackcore

2021 has been a big year for Blackcore, we have achieved so much in the last year. Before we get into 2022, we wanted to stop and reflect on this past year.

Blackcore Technologies

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This year has been challenging due to the worldwide technology stock shortages, COVID 19 & difficulties shipping worldwide. But through it all, we have remained focused on delivering industry-leading systems to every end of the world & delivering quality to our clients.


In 2021 we shipped over 500 Blackcore units worldwide, bought on new clients and new resellers and continued to grow Team Blackcore.

Over the last year, we have launched a NEW website, launched a NEW range of Workstations, launched a NEW range of Enterprise servers, launched NEW GPU Servers & launched our first AMD overclocked server. This has grown and expanded Blackcore's offerings and allowed us to deliver a wider product set and support packages to our clients. We also bought on a new reseller SP Sysnet who are based in India, which furthers our worldwide representation.

It is clear that all we have achieved this year would not have been possible without our tremendous team Blackcore, who have worked above and beyond to build, test and ship units to data centers around the world. Blackcore wouldn’t be what it is today without our dedicated team who continue to push the limits of what’s possible and who believe that Blackcore is the best overclocked server manufacturer on the planet.


Quotes from the team:

Nick Rogers CEO –  ‘2021 the year of growth and development, this year has been great but 2022 is going to be outrageous!'

James Lupton Chief Technologist'2021 has been a year of growth for us, and we're really excited to be working with more partners than ever before. We've really expanded our presence and product line to meet the demands of our customers, with a number of bespoke solutions produced specifically for certain clients. Looking forward to next year we have a lot of innovation to look forward to and can't wait to share more details in the coming months.'

Adam Lister Systems Architect – ‘2021 was a year full of volatility; not just in the markets but also manufacturing and supply of our systems. We’ve had great success in some difficult market environments, and very much look forward to FY22, new products, and developing those products for new and existing clients.’

Adam Whiting UK/EU Sales Manager – ‘Amazing year of growth, not just sales but the whole company is maturing and it’s looking really exciting for next year.’

Ciaran Kennedy US Sales Manager‘For the US market it's become clear that firms are not only looking to have the fastest servers, reliability and support are key requirements too. Many firms are moving to Blackcore because we have experience in the electronic trading space and can guide on the best choice for application workloads.’


Thank you, 

This year of growth and development would not have been possible if it was not for the design, build and sales team who make #TeamBlackcore what it is. Thank you to each and every member of our team, our clients, partners and vendors, we hope you have a very Happy Holiday Season & a Happy New Year!  🎊👏

Blackcore Technologies

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